How to crochet the African flower

Sarah-Jayne Fragola

Posted on June 27 2018

Crochet African flower


Stylecraft Special DK

Colour A Fondant

Colour B Sherbet

Colour C Wisteria

Colour D Cream


Hook size used: 4mm hook

This pattern is written in UK terms.

ch= Chain

ss= Slip stitch

dc= Double Crochet

tr= Treble Crochet

Foundation using colour A: ch6 and ss into the 6th ch from the hook to form a circle.

Round 1 using colour A: ch3, tr, ch1, *2 tr, ch1* 5 times. ss into the third chain from the bottom of the original chain. Tie off.

Connect colour B into a chain 1 space from round 1

Round 2 using colour B: ch5, 2 trs into the same space. *ch1, 2 trs into the next chain 1 space, ch 2, 2 trs into the same space* 5 times. ch 1, tr, ss into the third chain from the bottom of the original chain.

Round 3 continuing to use colour B: ch3, 6 trs into the chain 2 space (you will have 7 stitches including the initial chain 3 which creates a ‘fan’) ss into he chain 1 space. *7 trebles into the chain 2 space, ss into the chain 1 space* 5 times. Insert your hook into the third chain of the original stitch and ss. Tie off.

Connect colour C into a space between the 7 trebles.

Round 4 using colour C: dc between each treble. Once you reach the ss from the previous row, dc into the space from row 2 in order to crate a longer stitch. continue to dc between each stitch and ss once you have worked your way around. Tie off.

Connect colour D. Find the centre treble of your ‘fan’ and count back 3 stitches. Connect your yarn into the top of the double crochet from round 4

Round 5 using colour D: ch3, tr into the next dc, tr, tr (this should now be your centre stitch) ch1, tr into the same space, tr, tr, tr.

This will be repeated on each ‘fan’. It is crucial that you locate the correct stitch to work your next treble, so if need be, find your centre stitch again and count back three. This is where you will insert your first treble.

*tr, tr, tr, (tr, chain 1, tr) into same space, tr, tr, tr.* 5 times. ss into the third chain from the bottom of your previous row. Tie off.

Blocking may be beneficial but not essential.


Lay your hexagons right sides facing and double crochet along one edge starting and finishing in the chain 1 spaces.

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