Crochet Now Issue 38

Crochet Now Issue 38

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When I picked up Issue 38 of Crochet Now magazine in my local Tesco, it was a pure ‘pinch me’ moment. There it was….my face on the FRONT COVER! I mean, what?! My daughter Ella grabbed the magazine out of my hand and pointed to it whilst saying ‘Mummy, Mummy’. What a moment that was!

I was so incredibly thrilled to be asked to be on the front cover. In NO way do I see myself as a ‘model’ but the experience was so fun! I still have to remind myself where all of this started. Sat at home on the sofa, looking for a hobby to pass the time whilst my husband (then boyfriend) took over the TV watching football!

I never would’ve imagined that the Bella Coco Community would have turned into what it has. I know I’m bias but I truly believe that each and every one of you that reads my blog, watches my tutorials or engages in the Bella Coco Crochet Club on Facebook are amazing, you are EXTRAORDINARY. I get messages every day thanking me for my videos, but it is I who is the lucky one. Having so many of you follow along this crazy ride and encouraging me with your lovely posts is what keeps me going.

So before this starts sound like an oscars acceptance speech (I feel it already does) lets wrap this up into a nutshell…


It’s two simple words, but said with a lot of love and appreciation.

If you fancy picking up Issue 38 of Crochet Now magazine, you can do so here. It is available in the UK NOW and will be available in the US from 14th March. You can pick up a copy from Joann’s, Michael’s & Barns and Noble.

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You can also check out the Behind the Scenes video below where I talk about my WIPs

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