Bead Stitch

The bead stitch offers a unique look which can be used in a variety of projects either on its own or along with other stitches. This stitch is suitable to advanced beginners. If you are familiar with a Treble Crochet (US Double Crochet) we will be taking this technique one step further to create a […]

Cobble Stitch Tutorial

The Cobble Stitch is perfect for anyone who struggles with Puff, Bobble or Popcorn Stitch OR if you want a less yarn eating alternative.

Crunch Stitch

The Crunch stitch is a fast building stitch which offers a beautiful texture to any project. The crunch stitch consists of just two stitches which are repeated making it perfect for all skill levels.

Herringbone Stitch

The Herringbone stitch is a beautiful adaptation of the treble crochet (US Double crochet) that gives a great dense texture suitable for a range of projects.

Lace Cluster Stitch

Learn to crochet the lace cluster stitch with this easy tutorial. Perfect for projects such as throws & cushions, this stitch gives a beautiful vinatge feel.

Puff, Bobble and Popcorn Stitches

Are you confused by the Puff, Bobble and Popcorn stitches? Don’t worry, it’s a common frustration. Find out the difference in this blog post.

Side Saddle Stitch

The side saddle stitch is a beautiful textured stitch, which once mastered, is a fairly easy repeat. It can be used for cushions, throws or even scarfs.

Sprig Stitch

The Sprig Stitch is a beautiful stitch which looks like a double V stitch. This stitch is suitable for all skill levels

Twin Clusters Stitch

The Twin Clusters Stitch is a beautiful stitch is a modern take on the traditional granny stitch. This stitch is suitable for all skill levels, if you know how to Treble crochet (US Double crochet) then you will easily be able to replicate this. You can use any weight yarn. This post is sponsored by […]

Wattle Stitch

The wattle stitch is a dense, modern looking stitch. Once you have performed a few stitch repeats, there’s no need to refer to a pattern.