Patchwork Blanket Ebook


Introducing the Patchwork Blanket Ebook. This pattern is the perfect opportunity to learn and explore new skills and create a Heirloom blanket that can be enjoyed for generations to come. 

Here's what you can expect: 

  • 65 page Ebook 
  • 30 different stitch blocks 
  • A chance to learn and explore new stitches 
  • Mix and match if you wish 
  • Quick links to supporting videos 
  • Additional stitch info for future projects 

What yarn does this use?

I have used Paintbox Cotton DK but any DK yarn would be great for this blanket, which makes it a great stash buster.

Is it suitable for beginners?

This blanket is an excellent opportunity to grow your skills. I'd recommend starting with some of the more basic stitch blocks and then getting to the more advance ones as you gain confidence.

Are their video tutorials with this pattern?

There are no dedicated stitch tutorials, however, there are assisting videos tutorials to help you with each stitch. I've provided quick link to the relevant YouTube tutorials. The majority of these tutorials are available in both left and right handed versions.

How will this Ebook be delivered?

Once purchased, you will be taken to a 'Thank you' page where you will be provided with a link to your download. Click the link and then save the download to you device.

Is the Ebook available in a physical copy?

No, this is a digital only product.